In accordance with our mission to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the greater Washington, DC area live with independence and dignity, Seabury Resources for Aging advocates for:

  • A network of providers of services and resources for older adults and caregivers that is educated and trained, connected, and financially sound.
  • Access for all older adults to have the maximum in choice and support to ensure that they may age in the place they choose with dignity, safety, social opportunities, and optimal health.
  • Recognition of the contributions that older adults have made and continue to make in their communities.
  • Information that will enable older adults and caregivers to have the tools they need to make significant life decisions.
  • Spiritual support through congregational and community resources.
  • Political and social initiatives that encourage the establishment of supportive policies and practices that respond to the needs of the older adult and caregiver population.

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